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humboldt iowa family photos

Rachel contacted me a couple weeks ago about some very special photos she wanted taken. The subject: her childhood home.

That’s really all I needed to know before I was hooked. She wanted photos of her mom, sister, and herself at the home she grew up in — before it was sold. With her mom moving and the two siblings out on their own, the time had come for their family to move away from the home. But first, while they were all back home and together for Thanksgiving, she wanted to take some photos as memories of the place to keep with her forever.

This is why I do what I do, folks. I’m a sucker for sentimentalism!

Anyway, enough of my blubbering. Take a look at some of my favorite frames from the day:humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos humboldt iowa winter family photos

“It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.”

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spool.table » renovation

I mentioned the other day that we started our city’s Spring Cleaning month this week.  I use these weeks to pick up cool items to use as photo props, and I occasionally find something to revamp and use around the house.

This week I found a cool cable spool that I wanted to turn into an end table!

The spool started off pretty bland:

spool1But it had a lot of potential.  As I mentioned, I got this one for free on junk day.  I’ve seen some at our local Goodwill on occasion, too, though.  Keep your eye out at thrift stores and garage sales and you never know what you’ll find!

I started off by sanding down all the wooden surfaces.  I have a sanding block I bought at Menards for only a couple dollars.

sanding blockOnce all the surfaces were even and softened, and the bits of dirt were off, I applied a wood stain.


I bought this stain at Hobby Lobby for $7.99.  I wanted a dark look for the wood, so I chose the Dark Walnut color, but they had other lighter options available.  For such a relatively small area I found that this can was much cheaper than going to Menards or Lowe’s for stain.

Here’s what it looks like stained!

stain before & after

Next, I bought two things of rope from Menards on sale for about 5 dollars each.

ropeI used that around the core of the spool to add some decorative touches. (It is a spool after all!)  Here is the finished product!


Aaaaand the final before/after shot:b & a
Thanks for reading and DFTBA! 🙂


Part of my prize from the Guthrie Theater’s “Time Stands Still” photo contest was a free 16×20 canvas print….and it came in the mail today!  I had to go up to the Twin Cities to order it, but it just so happened that we were going up there to see family last weekend anyway, so it worked out! 🙂

I took this photo one evening near Dolliver Park…a state park in the region.  There’s an awesome fence on the road leading into the park where the legend has become that “ghosts” leave old shoes on the fence posts.  It’s the coolest thing!

I wanted to use my free print for this photo, rather than something from my portfolio for a future studio, because this way I can hang it in my apartment and take a piece of home with me wherever I go 🙂

(The internet just does not do the canvas justice. I promise it’s very good quality in person. Canvas provided by the National Camera Exchange!)