Christmas Minis 2014 » Fort Dodge Iowa Photographer

2014 xmas minis

You asked, they’re here!

Only 8 spots available, so book early!

Note: $40 retainer and signed contract due at booking

The Details:
-20 minute mini session
-Minimum of 10 digital images with print release
-A Facebook timeline cover to wish your friends Happy Holidays
-15% off Holiday Card orders – a Christmas Minis Exclusive!

Minis will be held on November 22nd from 1-5 (you’ll book a time slot in that time period) at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Email me at for booking/inquiries!


“Because Fall” Minis

If you’ve been with me for long enough, you probably know that fall/autumn is my favorite season! Since its official kickoff is during the week, I’ll be celebrating a little early with a special event.

I’ll be having an afternoon of mini sessions, “Because Fall” on Sunday, September 21st from 3 pm to 6 pm at whatever park in town has the best fall colors at the moment. (Scouting and official location to come over the weekend!)

Sessions will be $35 for up to 30 minutes, and will include a download of the finished hi-res photographs (NOTE: If you want a disc or thumb drive of your images, that will cost extra.)  Typically for that long of a session you can expect at least around 10 images.

These minis are perfect for folks looking to update their online profile photos, or get just a few photos done before investing in the full session!  BUT these minis will only take place if we have at least 4 people lined up by the 17th, so tell your friends!

To book your “Because Fall” mini session, email me at 🙂

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Ollie » welcome

I’m writing this blog post today, one week after Eric and I welcomed this little man into our life as the newest member of our family! We took him in after a family found him out on the streets, motherless, crying, and clearly having problems with his eye. One week later, his eye is clearing up! He’ll probably always have some vision loss, according to the vet, but he can still mostly see out of the “bad” eye. We named him Ollie after Oliver Twist since he was an orphan when we rescued him. 🙂

Welcome, Ollie!

ollie kitten one eye ollie kitten one eye ollie kitten one eye ollie kitten one eye ollie kitten one eye

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New: Portrait Pricing » coming this November!

fort dodge iowa & grand junction colorado portrait photographer

Starting this November (2014) I will be updating my portrait pricing!

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed some hassle for both me and my clients trying to find the best way to work around my previously separated pricing packages. I’ve also grown a lot as an artist, and feel it’s time for an update 🙂

This update is not a significant increase, and in fact may save some people money! All portraits will have the same pricing structure, regardless of if you want family photos, kids photos, couples photos, or all three in one.  MUCH easier for everyone!

I’m also excited for this update, because it will include general portraits (FINALLY!) So, even if you’re not a high school senior, you can book a portrait session and have a fun adventure too! I can’t wait to get some college students, moms or dads, professionals and more in front of my lens!

Seniors and Weddings will remain the same, and anyone already booked before November 1st will be able to book under my current pricing (so be sure to book before then if you want locked in!)

I’ll have my pricing live on my website starting in October so that people can get an early look, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive and kind. I love sharing and capturing your smiles!

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Fall.Minis » Fort Dodge, Iowa Photographer

Hi all!

I know it’s only early August, but I’ve already had a couple inquiries about whether I’d be doing Fall Minis again this year. The answer is yes!

fort dodge Iowa, fall mini sessionsAs with last year, I expect slots will fill up pretty fast, so grab yours asap!

BONUS: Anyone who books before September will get a free 8×10 print!

Interested? Let’s chat!

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Choose Your Own Adventure » 2015 wedding pricing

Anyone remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? They were some of my all-time favorite summer reading as a kid. Every Monday on my mom’s day off we’d venture downtown to the Bloomers coffee shop, and then follow up with a trip to the library for that week’s reading.

Those books are the inspiration for my brand spanking new wedding pricing!  You can check it out on my website here!

I found in the past couple years, as I got more and more weddings under my belt, that each bride and each couple wanted different things for their big day. So in light of that, I’ve made Build Your Own Package pricing!  Base coverage starts out at $700, giving you the basics — all day coverage, second shooter, and an engagement session!

That second shooter bit is SO important. It allows you to keep twice the memories from your big day, as I can only catch so much on my own. One person can only be in one place, but with a second shooter it’s like I’m in two places at once!

I’m so happy to be offering you guys with customized coverage, based on YOUR needs and YOUR desires, so that you can hold on to those cherished moments in whatever way you’d like for an affordable fee!

If you already booked your 2015 wedding with me before this update, you’re locked in on those prices (although you’re welcome to switch if you so choose!) Anyone who books their 2015 wedding with me from here on out gets the new and improved BYOP pricing.

Interested in booking? Have some questions? Let’s chat:

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The most frequently asked question:

“Can I just get all the photos you shot?”

I get this question a lot. And from the posts I read on photographer groups I’m a part of, so do a lot of my fellow artists.

So to answer your most frequently asked question, I’m making this blog post.

Let’s take this before and after shot from a recent session:


As you can see, I strive to get my shots right in camera. You might not care if the “all the photos” CD you want all look like the before does. Hey, they were taken with a better camera than you have, right?

Well, that may or may not be the case, but the thing is, people don’t just pay me for my expensive equipment.

My work is more than the sum of my lenses, camera body, flash unit, lighting equipment, and editing software.

I am an artist. People hire me for my eye for composition. People hire me for my skill with natural light. People hire me for the creative flare that comes in my post-processing.

This is why I do not offer raw, unedited files, or “all the photos” for my clients. First, while the unfinished photos might look nice, they are not up to my standards and not what I want people just seeing my work for the first time to expect of me. Second, it would take far too long for me to go through the hundreds of photos I shoot during your session. (Yes, hundreds.)

I love my clients, and see you all as new friends. So many of you love and respect my work and my creative vision and I am forever grateful to you. I hope you won’t see this post as being negative or preachy. I just get this question so often, I felt I needed to publicly explain why we do not offer this service.

Thanks so much for understanding! Stay tuned in the next few days for some previews from this weekend’s photo sessions!

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