hey there

Hey there! Name’s Amanda. I’m a corn-fed Iowa girl just Colorado dreaming. I’m all about chai tea lattes, cats, baking, bacon, books, candles, mugs, and watching Full House reruns.


I reside in the state of Iowa with my boyfriend, Eric. He’s pretty rad, if I say so myself. In our free time we like to bake, ride our bikes, or go hiking at local parks.


I’m a kitten momma to this little guy. His name is Spaz, and you can imagine why! Eric and I have been enjoying our family of three since last fall.


Travel is one of my oldest, deepest passions. I’ve been to 24 states (and counting!) and 2 Canadian provinces. Seeing all 50 states is on my bucket list! I would LOVE to travel for your session, so don’t hesitate to ask!


I love stories. I grew up wanting to be an author. But I’ve found a new storytelling medium and I’m thrilled that I get to call this my job!

Let me help you tell your story!

Let’s chat 🙂

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