Winter is here!

Winter is officially taking over my blog today (much earlier than I’d like, to be honest.) But it’s here nonetheless! When Heather contacted me about their family session, I don’t even think there was talk of snow yet. But I met up with this wonderful family during the first real snow storm of the year, the girls guarding their curls with umbrellas, and the boys huddled around the fire, and we got some great wintry photos! Tim works with the NRA, so of course we needed to capture some photos with the family and their guns (I think they could tell I was nervous–they reassured me several times they were unloaded lol!)

The family incorporated a set of angels wings in honor of Heather’s daughter and the whole family wore their orange bracelets, keeping Kayla by their side through the entire session. I’m so thankful to have spent time with this wonderful family! Check out some wintry frames from last weekend:

2w 3w 4w 10bw 17w 20bww 21w 22 23bw 24w 25bw 26 27 30w 32w♥kcj♥

Much love,

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One thought on “Winter is here!

  1. Please call Lisa Bacon 515-5701597 (Heather’s step Mom) Would love to see all pictures and can you help me design a christmas card, NO GOOD with COMPUTERS


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