“Because Fall” Minis

If you’ve been with me for long enough, you probably know that fall/autumn is my favorite season! Since its official kickoff is during the week, I’ll be celebrating a little early with a special event.

I’ll be having an afternoon of mini sessions, “Because Fall” on Sunday, September 21st from 3 pm to 6 pm at whatever park in town has the best fall colors at the moment. (Scouting and official location to come over the weekend!)

Sessions will be $35 for up to 30 minutes, and will include a download of the finished hi-res photographs (NOTE: If you want a disc or thumb drive of your images, that will cost extra.)  Typically for that long of a session you can expect at least around 10 images.

These minis are perfect for folks looking to update their online profile photos, or get just a few photos done before investing in the full session!  BUT these minis will only take place if we have at least 4 people lined up by the 17th, so tell your friends!

To book your “Because Fall” mini session, email me at info@amandamatildaphotography.com 🙂

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