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Do you ever get so bogged down in work you just need to take a break? (I’m guessing you’re nodding your head right now. We’ve all been there.) Well I decided to take a vacation day today and go for a little trip down memory lane by road tripping with my mom! We used to have all kinds of road trips around tiny towns in Iowa, just exploring and photographing our journey. I’ve learned a lot and made a ton of cool discoveries, and I knew that it had been waaaaay too long since we meandered the backroads of Iowa together.

We headed down to Jefferson, exploring the area there and finding our way around Greene County and back home to Fort Dodge. What started out as a rainy day, turned into a beautiful, cool, overcast day, perfect for sightseeing 🙂 Take a peek into our travels:

rainy-morning old-piano old-piano-closeup jefferson-iowa park rainy-grass flowers red-fox

We spotted this little guy right outside a city park–SO COOL. (We looked super nerdy by how excited we were. But, FOX.)facade lincoln lincoln-quote sally-white-alley sally-white littlefreelibrary

We found a Little Free Library in this super cute alley!lfl-inside

HOW CUTE is the inside of the library??flower2 flower3 flower4 jefferson-downtown jefferson-statue

We also spotted Jefferson’s namesake chilling on this bench, just perusing the Declaration of Independence.jefferson-statue2 clock-tower carillon-tower view1 view2 view3 courthouse

This was the stained glass dome in their courthouse. So. Beautiful.tea-gardenlumber no horses me

As many of you probably know, purple is my favorite color. So when I spotted this wall, I knew I needed a picture here. My mom was kind enough to oblige! People of Paton, Iowa, HIT ME UP. Your town is small but so packed with gorgeous locations! (Especially seniors. *cough cough*)

Anyway, I hope you all had as splendid a day as I had, and if you’re feeling stuck in a rut like I was, I hope you find a way to take even just an hour of your day to explore. Nothing awakens my soul more than taking a new, closer look at things. ♥

Stay tuned in the next couple days for some shots of a certain 9-month-old cutie!

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