The most frequently asked question:

“Can I just get all the photos you shot?”

I get this question a lot. And from the posts I read on photographer groups I’m a part of, so do a lot of my fellow artists.

So to answer your most frequently asked question, I’m making this blog post.

Let’s take this before and after shot from a recent session:


As you can see, I strive to get my shots right in camera. You might not care if the “all the photos” CD you want all look like the before does. Hey, they were taken with a better camera than you have, right?

Well, that may or may not be the case, but the thing is, people don’t just pay me for my expensive equipment.

My work is more than the sum of my lenses, camera body, flash unit, lighting equipment, and editing software.

I am an artist. People hire me for my eye for composition. People hire me for my skill with natural light. People hire me for the creative flare that comes in my post-processing.

This is why I do not offer raw, unedited files, or “all the photos” for my clients. First, while the unfinished photos might look nice, they are not up to my standards and not what I want people just seeing my work for the first time to expect of me. Second, it would take far too long for me to go through the hundreds of photos I shoot during your session. (Yes, hundreds.)

I love my clients, and see you all as new friends. So many of you love and respect my work and my creative vision and I am forever grateful to you. I hope you won’t see this post as being negative or preachy. I just get this question so often, I felt I needed to publicly explain why we do not offer this service.

Thanks so much for understanding! Stay tuned in the next few days for some previews from this weekend’s photo sessions!

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