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Friends, I am sick of winter.  Sick of it.  I get this way every January, as the festivities of the holidays come to a close, and the January birthdays come to pass, and spring seems a far-off dream.  

So you can imagine how excited I am to be stepping out of the wintery cold tomorrow and into the Botanical Garden in Des Moines for a wonderfully warm senior session!

I’m also working on reorganizing/designing my office space; I’ll give you all a tour when it’s finished 🙂

Also on my agenda is a redesign of my website and a pricing adjustment. Prices won’t be going up much, persay, I’m just adjusting them for what my clients are looking for. For example, as I book more and more out of town senior sessions, I’ve decided to switch to a location-based fee with more variety of add-ons for products and digital files and such. I think it will be a much better set-up; more tailored to what you guys want and much easier to glance at and understand, rather than taking some explanation.  Look for those changes to be released in late spring/early summer!  .

And let’s all cross our fingers for an early spring this year. None of that May snow crap we had last year! (Honestly, I don’t think my tear ducts could handle it. Haha)





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