Friends, I am offering something a little different this year.

Each quarter of this year I will be booking a session as a “pay what you can” session!

Here’s how it works:

  • One session booked between January-March, one between April-June, one between July-September, and one between October-December will qualify for this offer.
  • The sessions will be first come, first served. They can be booked any time as well — the Oct-Dec slot could be booked in February, for instance.
  • You will sign a contract and put down a deposit of $30 to reserve your session that I will return to you in full once the session is complete. This is to prevent instances of booking early and cancelling once the date comes up.  No session, no refund.
  • After your session, I will put up a private online gallery with your finished, hand-picked photos. You will at this point pay what you think they are worth.  Upon payment, you will either receive a download code for you to download the gallery, or you may opt for receiving the photos on a CD.

Frequently asked questions:

Is this really free?

No, it’s not free. The clients I will take on come to me because they appreciate my work and value my art. People are willing to pay for those cherished memories. This just puts the pricing gun in your hands, so to speak 🙂

Will you accept weddings with this deal?

I will not be accepting weddings under this offer this year. But if all goes as well as I anticipate, I hope to offer weddings with this deal next year! 🙂

How do I decide what to pay?

Based on your experience with me and the quality of the photos you see as the final product!

Isn’t this risky?

Sure. But this allows me to do what I love–taking photographs and building connections!  I know some people may be intimidated by pricing lists. Hopefully this takes the focus off of the numbers and onto the product and the relationship we build! 🙂

Booking Information:

Message me on Facebook
or Message me on Tumblr


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