pinwheel.cookies » christmas edition

I spent this weekend baking loads of holiday goodies, and let me tell you I’m pretty proud of myself! I tried mostly new recipes (with some old classics), so seeing them turn out so well was really great 🙂  I saw this recipe on pinterest and thought that I could adapt it into a Christmas cookie variation, and I think it worked really well!  Rather than dividing the dough into four or five different bowls and colors, I split it in two — red and green.

pinwheel christmas cookiesI rolled out the two colors into the grape-sized balls as suggested, and put them onto trays so I could make sure I got the same number of green and red.

I found after the first couple of cookies I tried that they were a little too warm/runny, so I stuck the trays in the freezer for a quick chill and set-up.  That helped remarkably. I suggest it.

Next, since I didn’t have four or five different colors I picked two balls of red and two balls of green to form the larger ball.pinwheel christmas cookies

I rolled that out and spun it into a spiral like the recipe ordered, and rolled the edges in sprinkles.

pinwheel christmas cookies pinwheel christmas cookies

After baking for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, they cooled and are delicious!  They did spread out quite a bit, so I recommend leaving plenty of space.  I’m not enough of a baking expert to know how to rectify that, but I’m sure there’s probably a way.

pinwheel christmas cookies pinwheel christmas cookies


2 thoughts on “pinwheel.cookies » christmas edition

  1. I love cookies. I just found you. Very exciting!! I also just “Liked” Cooking With Mr. C. ” on Facebook. It takes you to a very cool blog with a great “Cookie” category. Happy holidays !!! Doreen


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