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Hi friends! I had a little break between jobs today and wanted to get some fresh air, so I took my kitties into our backyard with my camera to do some exploring.  It was also a nice moment of reflection as I prepare to head to my last shift at the book store. I’ve been working there part time for over 2 years now, and leaving is part of a big change in my life. Between moving out (fingers crossed) and making photography a bigger part of my daily life, things will be changing for me quite a bit in the coming months.  It only felt right to document that change with the change in seasons. So, before I get too nostalgic about changes and life and stuff, let me leave you with some frames from our backyard adventure:fall photographyfall photographyfall photographyfall photographyfall pet photography I always catch them at the best moments! hahahafall photography

In the famous last words of François Rabelais, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.”


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