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Hey there!  So today I thought I’d go over my new client galleries a little bit with you, to make it a little easier of a transition for everyone.

So, once your session is completed, I will email you a link to your private gallery.  These are password protected so only you and I can view them.  That link will take you to a screen that looks like this:

pixieset1Here you will enter the password I give you in the box.  That will take you to your gallery:

pixieset2Now, if you got a digital package, you only need to worry about one thing.  Downloading your gallery images.  Downloading is done through this button here:

pixieset2downloadOnce you click that button, it will take you to this screen:

pixieset3Here you will enter your email and a 4-digit PIN number that I will also give you in an email.  Once you enter that information, the downloading process will begin.

Now, say you purchased a prints package, or you just want to purchase prints a la carte.  We will now be doing this through the same online galleries.

For prints packages, you will go through the same steps above, minus the downloading button part.  That won’t exist for your gallery.  Instead, you will be using the “Favorites” feature.

pixieset2favoriteWhen you hover over a photo you like, and want to include in your order, click the heart in the corner as shown. That will bring you to this screen:

pixieset4By entering your email, you can create a favorites list of all the photos you want to include.  This list is sent to me, so I know which photos to order.  We will discuss sizing via email and then your order will be on its way!  This will save a lot of time and speed up the ordering/delivery process.

I hope this all makes sense!

Until next time,




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