I had a day off today, and decided to make something off my pinterest food board again!  Today’s cupcake of choice was the Fruit Loop Cupcake 🙂

fruit loop cupcakesI started, of course, with the cake batter bit.  I like to get the cupcakes completely cooked and out cooling before I start on the frosting. I just feel like it gives them proper time to cool that way so the frosting doesn’t just slide right off.

fruit loop cupcakesThis frosting was a bit different than I’m used to, being a sort of more marshmallow frosting.  It was more tedious to make but TOTALLY WORTH IT, I promise 🙂

fruit loop cupcakesLook at that fluffy deliciousness 😉

fruit loop cupcakesGot the cakes all frosted (mine could have been beaten a little longer, but I got impatient. sigh.)

fruit loop cupcakes

And TA-DAAAA! Finished product 🙂fruit loop cupcakes fruit loop cupcakesNext time I make these I think I’ll try topping with Fruity Pebbles 🙂



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