9.7.12 »some.updates«

Sometimes I do things that aren’t related to photography. Wild, right?! 😉  Well, if you’re interested in seeing those things or keeping up with me outside the photography world, you can follow that blog here!

In other news, starting November 1st I will be introducing a new pricing structure. I will still have the cheaper CD packages I currently offer (though some will be going up a little in price) as well introducing some new packages!  I think it will be a good deal for you guys. 🙂  October and thereafter is a busy time for me, so book sooner rather than later!

One last thing: I now have a flickr account! (About time, right?!)  I won’t post on it nearly as often as here or facebook, but it’s just one more place to connect with me if you’d like! I’ll be posting mostly photography, but it’ll also be a chance to display some other work too.  That link, again, is here. 🙂

I hope everybody has a splendid weekend! I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.


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