So I don’t have any photos to post today, because the photo lab at Walgreens (literally the only place within 2 hours that will develop disposable cameras…UGH) ran out of the chemicals to process my film, so they’ll be a few days late. BUT I wanted to post something anyway, to keep myself in the habit 🙂

You may be wondering about the disposable cameras I mentioned, and even if you weren’t I’m going to discuss them now.  Some family came to visit us yesterday and we took some underwater cameras to the water park! I’m so excited to see how the photos turned out. That’s one thing I don’t miss about working with film cameras–the wait kills me! I’m so fortunate to live in the digital age.

Other than that, I’ve just been working on a lot of the more “boring” side of photography… filling print orders, answering emails, ordering more business cards, and things like that. It’s still kind of fun to me, though 🙂  I love hearing the excited feedback from past seniors and running into the families I’ve shot at Target.

I’m mailing out another senior CD package this week and getting ready for the wedding I’m shooting on Saturday! Should be a busy week, so stay tuned and thanks for all of your wonderful support!


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