iowa.state.fair »the.aftermath«

The other day, amidst my crazy busy schedule of the past weeks (which is over after today, by the way! *insert happy dance here*) my photos came back from the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon!  I also got a packet with this certificate in it

It also included a letter from the superintendent that had some amazing statistics in it.

Out of the 3,932 photos that were submitted to the fair, only 180 ribbons were handed out.

In this category, 199 photos were entered and only 8 got ribbons.

How crazy is that?!  This was my second time submitting and first time being displayed, let alone getting a ribbon! Sure, it’s “just an honorable mention” — but A) there’s always room for improvement and B) It’s SO COOL just to even be on display!

The other day the craziest thing happened.  I was at a routine doctor’s visit in Des Moines when a random nurse from the hall came into my room and asked if I’d had a photo on display at the fair; she said that she’d recognized my name.  When I said I had, she told me how much she enjoyed the photo.  It was probably one of the best feelings ever, knowing that I was recognized by a stranger in a different city for my photography work.

That’s really all I can ask for. 🙂

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, my crazy busy schedule is almost wrapped up, so it’ll be back to business as usual here!  Stay tuned for more frequent posts, and in two weeks a wedding! 😀

Have a great week, everybody.


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