How was everyone’s weekend? I had the pleasure to take a road trip this weekend. 🙂

My dad had been hoping for a few weeks to take a trip down and see my grandpa’s grave for the first time since he died last year.

It was a stormy morning, to put it nicely, but it cleared off enough to be a nice day.  Incidentally, just before the trip I scheduled two senior sessions near that area for in a couple weeks, so I was also able to look around and see what photo opportunities we’d have! 🙂  There was a really cool lake just outside of town, where I caught this photo:

We traveled back north enough to spend the night in Des Moines in anticipation of the Iowa  State Fair Photography Salon award ceremony today.  It was a lot of fun to be down there for something entertaining for once 😉

I caught these geese at Jordan Creek Town Center:

This was one of those accidental shots that just crack me up when I get them off my camera XD

Then came the award ceremony where I finally found out which of my photos got in, and what award I got.

Just an honorable mention, but for my first time being displayed, and with the hundreds of thousands of entries I saw just on the last entry day alone, I’m pretty happy with even being displayed. 🙂 So yay!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! I’m having a busy August so expect plenty of posts, but also very sporadic posts 😛


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