Part of my prize from the Guthrie Theater’s “Time Stands Still” photo contest was a free 16×20 canvas print….and it came in the mail today!  I had to go up to the Twin Cities to order it, but it just so happened that we were going up there to see family last weekend anyway, so it worked out! 🙂

I took this photo one evening near Dolliver Park…a state park in the region.  There’s an awesome fence on the road leading into the park where the legend has become that “ghosts” leave old shoes on the fence posts.  It’s the coolest thing!

I wanted to use my free print for this photo, rather than something from my portfolio for a future studio, because this way I can hang it in my apartment and take a piece of home with me wherever I go 🙂

(The internet just does not do the canvas justice. I promise it’s very good quality in person. Canvas provided by the National Camera Exchange!)


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